The Advent Window


The mood of this window is preparation and penitence as seen through the Lord.

The Advent Window features John the Baptist preaching the baptism of repentance. His feet are firmly planted on the Earth and his arms stretched high to God.In his right hand is the staff of the pilgrim. In the shadows behind him is Jacob at Beth-el, who, chosen of God, is given the name Israel. Above him stretches the ladder, symbolizing the Convenant, the Law, and the awesome responsibility of the chosen God.

The Waters of Baptism

The lower portion of the window suggests the coming of the Chi Rho (XP). The struggle for men’s minds and hearts is represented by the broken Greek column. The human enslavement by the Pharaohs (pyramids) and the brutality of the military war machine of Rome (sword) easily identified. In the middle of these is the blue water of the Jordan, the waters of Baptism. Renunciation of sin and a new birth into the Kingdom of God is where the seed (XP) is to enter for Baptism, being obedient to the Law for man.

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