The Gospel Window

In this window the artist has adopted the four traditional levels of existence; (Matter, Life, Mind, Spirit) and incorporated the symbols of the four Evangelists to emphasize the relevance of the Word to the whole of Creation. Saint Matthew (a winged man), Saint John (a winged eagle), Saint Mark (a winged lion) and Saint Luke (a winged ox). These traditional symbols for the Gospellers come from Revelation 4:7-8.

The highest realm of existence is the Spiritual. Here man is shown surrounded by angels. Below that is realm of the Mind. Man’s stewardship of life, shown as plants and the microscope, suggest man’s use or misuse of the basic elements of life.

In the realm of Life we see spores, and organisms of germination, with the fish. Life is shown with dignity. In the right hand corner man is offering all this to His Creator. The lowest level of this window demonstrates the basic elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, water. This is the level of Matter, mysteriously created by the will of God.

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