The Second Advent Window

“For he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth, and with righteousness to judge the world and the peoples with his truth.” (Psalm 93:13)

The beam of the Great Cross resembles the balance scales of justice in which all men shall be weighed.

The bottom of the central cross is the mob who clamored for his crucifixion. Life’s cycle is worked out at the cross’ base, and all humankind is in the procession.

At the foot of the left cross is depicted human talents…engineers, tradesman…from these the dollar sign emerges to and through the cross. Note the root and vine and branches in the upright of the cross. Thus the “means” of our lives have their rightful place when offered up to God.

The right hand cross has the same basic structure as it opposite member. Man on this cross uses the “means” of existence as though they were the “ends” of life. Man worships the creations of his own hands and he could be crushed by this monster of his own making.

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