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Welcome to St. Stephen’s!

We welcome you to St. Stephen’s and to Ferguson where St. Stephen’s has been a parish for 125 years. While honoring our past, we welcome the opportunities and challenges of our future.

We are an increasingly diverse (in so many ways) and caring congregation, responding to the needs of our neighbors in Ferguson. Our response started with our Food Pantry and Rummage Sales and has grown via the collaborations of The Vine that include the Clay Café dinner and brunch (Drive Thru during the pandemic) and the distribution of fruits and vegetables (also during the pandemic).

We at St. Stephen’s laugh a lot, share food regularly and handle life’s joys and disappointments together with prayer and support from our parish family.

Worship is important to us and we’re pleased with our recently renovated Sanctuary. We have two connected buildings that we have taken care of and continue to do so. Our buildings serve us in providing place and space not only for worship and parish activities, but also for the collaborations of The Vine. We have missed this space, where hospitality and caring for others are our specialties.

We are seeking a warm, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, outgoing person to serve our parish and community. The ideal candidate will be an effective preacher who is able to inspire and empower people to give loving service to others in compassionate, considerate and creative ways. We hope to be nurtured and enlightened by someone who will provide opportunities for us to grow in our faith by helping us connect the teachings of our faith to our own life and time. We seek someone to lead us into the future.

This person, who will lead us into the future, will need to be passionate about our church and our involvement in the community of Ferguson. We pray for you and for ourselves in discerning if you are the person called to be our next leader.

In peace and love,

The Discernment Team of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ferguson

The search applications have to be received by Canon Doris Westfall ( of the Diocese of Missouri on or before April 9th, 2021.

St. Stephen’s mission is to grow a healing community of those who

We meet on Sundays at 10am for the weekly service and post a Midweek Devotional

One of the core tenants of St. Stephen’s is community outreach. In 2006

Leadership – Welcome ALL into the church and by “Living the Good News”

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